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Baptist News

Issue 68 - 4
studentsWhite Memorial Student MinistryNino
Mrs Neisewheno Sirie | Chaplain

White Memorial (WM) was named after a noble hearted American lady called Sarah E. White. She never came to India. However, her genuine concern for the welfare of the women in NE India motivated her to donate Rs 50,000/- (Rupees fifty thousand only) through the visionary Women of American Baptist Foreign Mission Society in 1937. This is the first hostel established for the college going girls in Assam and the NE India.

This historical place was established in the beautiful and calm place located in the heart of Guwahati city. It is an enchanting place from all perspective; a place where homely care is given, spiritual and moral guidance are nurtured, leadership quality is developed and just and positive spirit is imparted.
The hostel is under the student ministry of CBCNEI. Its motto is “Quality Life” and the purpose is to nurture in the minds of the young girls a balanced development of intellect, of thought, of academic excellence, of spirituality thereby producing a quality life.

Our core value is to aspire moral and spiritual sanctity of life. We encourage the spirit of sisterhood, team work and mutual care. We believe that discipline is a quality that undergirds any true development of personality. In this process we learn and grow.WM The foundation of Sarah E. White Memorial was laid by Mr. Keith Cantlei, Assam Valley Commission on May 8, 1937. The first admission took place from June 28, 1937 to March 1, 1938.

This was built by American Baptist Mission mainly for girl student goint to the Cotton College. The first superintendent was Miss Marion Burnham. She worked from 1937-1940. In her four years tenure, 116 girls stayed. From her writings and correspondence, we come to know that she had a good relationship with the high officials and she was an influential woman. There are many letters in the file written to the high officials reminding and requesting for students scholarship. Each boarder was receiving Rupees one hundred monthly, from the government. Today, she is with the Lord and we remember her great works.