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Baptist News

Issue 68 - 4
studentsShillong Tyrannus HallGaila
Rev K. C. Gaila | Chaplain
Shillong Tyrannus Hall (STH) is the “students ministry” of CBCNEI. It was established in 1987 in partnership with Tyrannus Hall International (THI). The objective of STH is to impart Christian discipleship to students while they pursue their secular studies. We believe that the future of the church lies with youths who function well both in the church and in the world.

Some of the boarders are as young as 15 years when they are admitted to STH. For many of them, it may be the first experience of life in the company of strangers and outside the immediate protection and comfort of their parents or their home.

However, once they settle into the hall’s life and have made friends, they almost completely forget all loneliness or homesickness. They find STH to be truly, in their own words, “a home away from home”. Some of them have even confessed that they enjoyed Tyrannus life more than their home.

The wide-ranging activities of STH have enabled these raw and crude young boys to be transformed into fine men. For example, morning joggings, the emphasis paid to develop community cooperation and importance of doing social works, Bible study and theological lectures; all have contributed to mold the students physically, mentally and spiritually. The restrictions and regulations laid out for them have enabled their transformation and growth. It is a great joy to see the process of changes taking place in them as they mature and become responsible young men.

We have students from all the eight states of the North East. This helps STH develop a multi-cultural setting where young people from different tribes, cultures and languages come together to live as one family. It is a great joy to see them learning to accept one another and maturing in all aspects during their stay in the hall.

STH will continue to be a place where young disciples live together to prepare themselves through peer discipleship to face the world. God bless the ministry of STH as we work to multiply effective and obedient disciples for Christ!