107th Annual General Meeting of Nihang Karbi Baptist Association (NKBA)
(Jan 11 -14)

The Nihang Karbi Baptist Association (NKBA), the constituents members of the KABC held its 107th Annual General Meeting at Christian English High School, Diphu on the Theme “ Christian and bearing fruit”. Ezekiel 36:8. Rev. Dr. Solomon Rongpi, General Secretary, CBCNEI, Rev. Davidson Ingti, General Secretary, KABC, were the theme speakers.
About 1500 delegates from different churches attended the conference. Rev. Sina Lekthe, serving as Secretary of Development committee NKBA and Rev. James Rongpi, Headmaster of Hutton Bible Institute, Manja were ordained. The Churches under NKBA is blessed with the newly two ordained minister.