January-01 Mon New Year's Day
January-05 Sat Office Re-opening
January 18-25 Thu - Thu The Unity Octave (NCCI)
January-21 Fri NCCI Sunday
January-26 Thu Republic Day
February-14 Sat Mission Board Meeting
February-20 Sat Justice & Peace Committee Meeting
March-06 Wed Board of Trustees (Property)
March-14 Sat Student Ministry Board Meeting
March-18 Thu CBCNEI Day of Prayer
March-23 Wed Theological Education Committee & Principals' Meet
March-25 Sat Palm Sunday
March-30 Sat Good Friday
April-01 Sun Easter Sunday
April-03 Tue MBBS Screening Test
April-05 Fri ETC Board Meeting
April 10-11 Tue - Wed Medical Board Meeting
April-13 Mon CLC Board Meeting
April-26 Wed Executive Committee of CBCNEI
April 27-29 Fri - Sun 68th Annual General Meeting - Hosted by ABC
May-01 Tue May Day
May 7-18 Mon - Fri TESOL
May-13 Wed Mother's Day
May-20 Fri Pentecost Day
June-03 Sun Green Sunday
June-17 Thu Father's Day
July 1-7 Sun - Sat BWA Annual Gathering, Zurich. Switzerland
August-05 Mon ETC Day of Prayer / Tribal & Adivasi Sunday (NCCI)
August-10 Sun Black Day (Indian Presidential Order of 1950 concerning Dalits - NCCI)
August-15 Sat Independence Day
August-26 Sat Justice Sunday
September-05 Thu Justice & Peace Committee Meeting
September-16 Thu Shelter Sunday
September-21 Wed Student Ministry Board Meeting
September-27 Wed Mission Board Meeting
October-02 Tue Gandhi Jayanti
October-05 Sat CLC Board Meeting
October-11 Sat ETC Board Meeting
October-14 Wed NEICC Day of Prayer
October 16-17 Tue - Wed Medical Board Meeting
October 24-25 Wed - Thu Executive Committee of CBCNEI
November-04 Mon World Sunday School Day
November 5-16 Wed - Sat Missionary Training : Cross Cultural
November-11 Tue Dalit Liberation Sunday (NCCI)
December-18 Sat Thanksgiving / Last Working Day
December-25 Mon Christmas Day